Best relax in tantra salon Bratislava

Maybe you know something about tantra massage or „classic tantra“. But in tantra salon Bratislava you will get something extra. More massages for you to try. For example attractive “body massage” and many more. Try something exotic and cool from menu of sensual erotic massages.

Nahá žena

If you visit tantra salon, you will have plenty of options. What and who want you to choose, you are the customer and only you must feel great. Relaxed, chilled and full of new energy. “Classic tantra” is best for newcomers, but for experienced customers, there is more to try:

  • Body
  • Body mutual
  • Double body (or Double body special)
  • Tantra rain mutual
  • Sensual
  • Magic, Special, Exclusive or Deluxe tantra
  • Secret dark

But wait, there is more. For example in situation, where you want go with you dear lover. In menu awaits couple massage, ideal solution for you two. You and your wife/ girlfriend have the opportunity enjoy it together. Nice present and experience for couples, don’t you think? Just relax and enjoy the sensual massage side by side.

And also, there is massage for women only with special touches, only females can appreciate. This kind of experience is practiced by male masseurs. But of course, others are even exciting for men, for example body mutual massage or other erotic massage from the menu. You just must try it for yourself!

Mužské telo

Which ever you choose, it always begins with Namaste ritual. In this starting ritual, you will give honor to your body. And Namaste also works as a preparatory ritual, in which you practice your breathing. It helps you to prepare for every erotic massage in menu. Every massage is known for her nudity. Yes, you and masseuse (or masseur), you will both be nude and sensual touches will be concentrate in the area of your private zones on your body.